Sell at La Clé des Temps

Need advice on selling your items ?

How to deposit my items for sale?

Come in store with your items:

- By appointment from Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.

We can take care of everything! Home Removal Service:

- For a house or apartment to empty, large volumes or for a heavy piece of furniture. Please contact us to set an appointment.

- Our trucks are equipped for the move.

- We offer a service including a truck + 2 people at the rate of 96 € TTC per hour (included return trip, loading, unloading, dismantling and reassembly of furniture).

-For light loads only, it is possible to provide a driver + vehicle for 48 € TTC / hour.

-The removal costs are deducted from your sales, you have nothing to pay on the day of transport!

How are the sales prices fixed?

We set the selling prices of your items with you. Our team puts its experience and knowledge at your disposal to offer you the best price, you tell us what you think and we decide together.

Which commission takes the sale deposit?

Fees: 2% of the total price deposited.

The commission is paid by the buyer: it is added to the price we have determined for you. (price for you + commission = sale price)

The commission is acquired only if the item is sold.

- Up to 23 €: packages
- From 24 € to 599 €: 23% of the sales price.
- From 600 € and more: package of 200 € (less than 12% for an item sold 1700 €).

The amount of the basic commission remains unchanged during the deposit period.

Where are my objects exposed?

The objects are displayed according to their natures and values, in store, on our website or both.

In store fragile objects and / or values are exposed in closed cabinets.

How do I know when my item is sold?

- Consult yourseller accountat any time on the website with your personal password. You can see in real life what objects you sold!
- You can also call us to find out where your sales are.

How am I paid?

Once your item is sold you can pick up your payment in store.
You can also receive your payment directly at your home by bank transfer or by check sent by post.

How do you treat valuables?

For this type of object we can advise you and give you an estimate for free (and without any obligation of deposit).

We have a clientele interested in this type of object, we offer you the possibility to sell them quickly and safely.

Our store has been in existence for more than 30 years, it is regularly visited by a large clientele of amateurs and professionals in all fields.

Finally our website, allows customers of all nationalities to view and buy.

Are my valuables protected??

We take a particular care to respect the cleanliness and the state of your objects, in store the important objects are in shop windows and if really it is not possible for reasons of safety to present an object in store, this one will be exposed on the internet. Finally, in case of problems we cover your property with more than 5 € of value.

Why use a deposit sale?

-For the cost : The seller sells more expensive, the buyer pays less !! The principle of the deposit-sale allows margins less important than the purchase-sale. Less margin is more potential buyers and more money for the seller.

- For efficiency : An exhibition store of 1800 m2 open 7/7 days, a website and a profession that of selling and advising.

- For the safety : professional advice for estimating your items, no ads to manage, no people coming to your home, no risk of scam or unpaid.

-For freedom When I leave, I'm free to take back my items.

- For tranquility : Do you have time to manage everything, all alone? Is this really the best solution?

- For speed : from the simple object to the whole house we take care of everything.

A house or apartment to empty? We will advise you on the spot.
Our advice, consult us before acting, the market of antiquity and flea market is a complex market that can not be improvised. The opinion of the "second hand dealer" is not necessarily the fairest. Many objects are sold on flea markets or empty lofts or worse disappear, thrown by owners taken by time or unaware of the real value.


Need help estimating your items ?

You want to make an appointment but you want to have an estimation of your objects before coming to deposit?

It's simple, just go to the page "Contact Us" then select the recipient "Estimates". You will have more than just to put photos in attachments and your message concerning your objects.

You can not reach us by our page"Contact Us" ?

So just send us an email at the following email address: or

Rates including VAT Estimated at home:

- 48€ of time , including trip

Recall : the estimate on photo at the store or by mail is free.